Angelo Ciliberti, PsyD, LPC, LAC, CGP

Angelo Ciliberti, PsyD, LPC, LAC, CGP

Angelo Ciliberti


How I Work: Have you ever had the experience of talking with a helping professional but feeling like nothing is really happening? Have you found yourself in the same painful and infuriating loops over and over again in your relationships and work, patterns that threaten to erode self-confidence and the feeling that life can improve?

What advances in neuroscience demonstrate empirically is that we need immediate and visceral experiences of connection in the here-and-now to alter our brains and nervous system. This understanding is at the cornerstone of my stylistic approach. Working with me, you will find a therapist with over ten years of experience dedicated to listening deeply & non-judgmentally as well as challenging unconscious patterns that limit your growth and access to new experiences. You will leave sessions feeling more emotionally validated, psychologically organized, and ready to take actionable steps to move your life forward.

Specialty Treatment Areas:  Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with a highly diverse group of people across a number of stages of life. These challenges have included:

  • Perfectionism
  • Eating Disorders
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction
  • Trauma/ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety/ Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Sex & Love Addiction/Codependency
  • Self-Harm
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Rage Attacks
  • Impulse Control
  • Adolescent Challenges
  • Transitioning Young Adult Challenges
  • Executive Functioning Issues
  • Parenting Conflicts
  • Emotional Regulation Issues
  • Family Discord

Individuals Psychotherapy: One-to-one counseling can serve as an incredibly powerful launching pad for personal growth and life change. With an extensive training background that includes both behavioral interventions and psychodynamic approaches, I will partner with you to determine the individualized approach that will most deeply and comprehensively address the changes you are wanting for your life and well-being.

Family Work: How frequently do we find that the people we are closet to are often the hardest to reach or get us at our worst? Taking a deeply systemic and attachment oriented approach, I work with the family as a whole to understand the underlying blocks to emotional communication as well as to empower each member to express and ask for what they need. For over ten years, I have made a focal point of my practice helping families find ways to say the unsayable and work through issues surrounding trauma, substance abuse, divorce, and secrecy.

Groups: Do you ever find yourself gravitating to the same roles in your relationships with friends and colleagues? Do you long for genuine feedback about how others experience you and to identify ways you can be more effective in relationship? Group psychotherapy is singular in its ability to powerfully address and repair deep, unconscious patterns of relating. Using a here-and-now approach, I work as a group leader to create a culture where thoughts and feelings can be put into words and shared in a constructive way leading to interpersonal growth. It is understandably that many people find group psychotherapy intimidating. I will be happy to meet with you to determine if this could be a helpful next step in your personal evolution. Once within a group, you will be invited to take risks, experiment with new ways of being and communicating, and to anchor these changes in the lived experience of relating in the here-and-now.
Disclaimer: Boulder Psychological Services is a marketing platform. All therapists listed are independent clinicians who are solely responsible for their therapeutic practices.

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Anna Frost, NCPsyA

Anna Frost, NCPsyA

Anna Frost LPC at Boulder Psychological Services in Boulder Colorado

Anna Frost, NCPsyA

General Work Orientation 


I work with individual adults, young adults/students, and couples. My practice encompasses psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, relationship counseling, clinical supervision, and clinical mentoring. Our work together may range from CBT/DBT type problem-solving to more in-depth exploration in order to resolve long-standing issues or identifications.


I typically take a comprehensive approach with the aim of exploring, dismantling, and resolving repetitive patterns that interfere with your life desires and goals — unless a short-term counseling/cognitive approach is needed.  We work at your pace via phone, on-screen, or in person.


I am an out-of-network provider, so our work together is completely private. My home office is located close to the CU campus. I offer free 15-minute phone consultations. When you decide we will work together, I offer per-session pricing and session package pricing.


Individual Adults


I specialize in working with people who are good at solving complex, often technical problems; people who have curiosity and enjoy their minds, expertise, and accomplishments. Because expertise requires enormous headspace, focus, and many hours every day, emotions are often experienced as interfering with the work at hand. If this is the case, you might sometimes suffer from relationship problems, loneliness, anxiety, perfectionism, OCD, or depression. 


Like problem-solving needed for complex technical problems, when recurring painful emotional or relational problems are sufficiently analyzed and understood, they will be alleviated or resolved. 


As we talk together and assess whats going on, new ways to proceed and new ways to orient will surface, emotionally and practically.


Young Adults (Students/Professionals)


Young adults often encounter challenging life situations and difficult decisions. Whatever difficulties you may be experiencing, such as anxiety, social anxiety, loneliness, gender issues, isolation, depression, or family issues, there is help to be had. Finding a safe and dependable place to talk things through will help you gain clarity to navigate your future.


As we thoughtfully explore your situation, youll not be alone with it.  Your mind will not be relegated to being alone with no apparent way forward. I help you put your thoughts and feelings into words, i.e., on the table,” so you can clearly see them.  As your understanding increases, you will make steady progress determining and implementing what you want and dont want on the table” for your present and your future.


Relationship Work


Do you feel misunderstood in your relationship?  Do you feel lonely in your marriage?  Are there too many arguments? Is there too much silence?  Is there a reluctance to talk? Do you fear being vulnerable? Do you infuse negative patterns from your past into your current relationship and dont know how to stop?


When we experience relentless feelings of hurt, anger, or resentment, we are physiologically affected. Stress responses kick in and exacerbate anxiety, affecting our heart rate, our breathing, our sleep; we ruminate, gear up for battle, and cant imagine how or where to find relief. 


To get relief from these kinds of toxic feelings they must be off-loaded. Healthy off-loading occurs when we talk honestly, expel, express, and no longer hold everything together,” no longer contain it all.”  This requires a reliable frame, container, and relationship with a trained and trusted clinician who can meet you where you are and work to get where you need to go, without external influences from family and friends.


When you feel seen, heard, and understood, you will feel better and strategically navigate every relationship and every interaction.


In each session you will get practical help and learn how to establish boundaries, how to communicate, and how to position yourself to your advantage.


Psychedelic Integration:


Psychedelic therapies (MDMA, Ketamine, LSD, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca) can help provide relief or help expand and explore your levels of consciousness. After a dosing experience, it is often helpful to explore, talk through, and uncover unconscious insights that are foundational for you. Psychoanalytic-type work is optimally equipped to process your experience.



I’m a Nationally Certified Psychoanalyst and I’ve been in private practice for over 30 years.


Following graduate work at the University of Houston and Rice University, I pursued contemporary analytic training through the Colorado Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies and the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. I have been a training analyst for the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis for 16 years.  


I very much enjoy my work and the people who come to see me.  I invite you to call me at 303.547.8493. Again, I offer free 15-minute consultations and when you decide we will work together, I offer per session pricing and session package pricing and convenient payment plans.


Disclaimer: Boulder Psychological Services is a marketing platform. All therapists listed are independent clinicians who are solely responsible for their therapeutic practices.



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Charley Rosicky, LCSW

Charley Rosicky, LCSW

Charley Rosicky, LCSW

I am a psychotherapist in Louisville, Colorado. I provide both in-person and virtual therapy for seniors, adults and young adults. I can assist with a variety of issues including divorce, past traumas, climate crisis related issues, and spiritual losses. I specialize in therapy for grief and loss. If you are coping with illness, caregiving, or grieving, I offer warmth, knowledge and tools that bring relief in the midst of change. It is normal that any one of these life changes can exacerbate anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance and relationship discord, among other difficulties. You can expect that I will provide full acceptance of where you are, and focus on your goals. I offer a rich array of therapeutic tools to meet those goals and support your unique process of adapting to life’s transitions.

 I am grateful for the opportunity for over twenty years to have served in the non-profit sector as a hospice social worker and grief therapist in Boulder County, CO. The natural environment has been an important partner in my own healing. My therapy practice is called Song Sparrow Counseling because I love birds and because the Song Sparrow sings such a distinctive song. The journey to health and vitality is like clarifying your own beautiful song. In working through my own losses, I gained a deep respect for the uniqueness of every grief experience. I believe that people can learn to have compassion for each struggling part of themselves, and thereby liberate struggles into wellbeing. I have seen how mindfulness can be a key ingredient in that healing. Sometimes it happens quite quickly with the right support.

 I live with my spouse in Lafayette, CO. When I am not providing therapy, I enjoy volunteering at her school Ziji Early Elementary, spending time with friends and family, home remodeling, playing soccer, and being with song sparrows and other creatures in the outdoors.

 Primary therapeutic methods: Companioning Grief Therapy, Medical Social Work Expertise, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Mindfulness, Brainspotting, and Solution Focused Therapy.


Disclaimer: Boulder Psychological Services is a marketing platform. All therapists listed are independent clinicians who are solely responsible for their therapeutic practices.

Charley Rosicky, LCSW

    Dan Fox, LPC

    Dan Fox, LPC

    Dan Fox, LPC

    Dan has spent the past 15 years helping adolescents (and their families) with the work of growing into healthy, happy adults. His diverse background includes teaching high school, running a summer camp, school counseling, and directing September High School.

    As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dan has brought these experiences into his clinical work. He is committed to the idea that there is hope for your teen and relief for your family.

    Dan uses a variety of approaches to help teens and families get more functional and feel more successful. Some clients do better when the work is done out of the office. Some benefit from Dan’s short-term, cognitive-behavioral interventions. For other clients, Dan approaches ongoing therapy from a Humanistic and Gestalt view.

    Dan provides talks and workshops for schools, summer camps, and other organizations seeking to understand adolescents and help them grow up. He also provides consultation and coaching by phone for parents around the country.

    Specialty Treatment Areas: Adolescent Development; Family Systems; School/ Career Issues; Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorders; ADHD; Substance Issues, Anger Management and ODD.

    Client Populations: Adolescents, young adults, adults, couples, and families.

    Please call 303-579-6861 or email Dan, if you have questions or would like to set up an initial appointment.

    Disclaimer: Boulder Psychological Services is a marketing platform. All therapists listed are independent clinicians who are solely responsible for their therapeutic practices.

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    Dan Fox

    Harmony Barrett Isaacs, LPC

    Harmony Barrett Isaacs, LPC

    Harmony Barrett Isaacs, LPC

    Specialty Treatment Areas: Transitional and adjustment issues, drug and alcohol abuse, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, school issues, grief and loss issues, oppositional defiance, trauma, family issues, parent coaching, early motherhood

    I have been working with children, adolescents, and young adults since 2000 in a number of non-profit and private organizations. Early on, I helped organize the teen advisory board for pregnancy prevention and adolescent self esteem programs in Portland, Oregon. Since returning to Boulder, I worked as a residential counselor at Attention Homes, completed my graduate internship working with children, adolescents, and families at the Mental Health Center of Boulder County, worked as a primary case worker AIM House, a private residential transitional program for young women, and taught emotional and general health classes at Watershed School and Catalyst High School.  I now draw from each of these unique experiences when working with my clients in private practice.

    My work with teenagers and young adults includes drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, social anxiety and shyness, general anxiety and panic attacks, depression, grief and loss issues, trauma, school issues, and complex family issues. While all of these can be horrific for the individual and families involved, the underlying resiliency present in each of these young people and families is the foundation that we build from in the healing process. The core value and the innate goodness of each person can be nurtured and strengthened to work through the most difficult of situations.

    Why I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults (including college students):

    Adolescence and young adulthood are such amazing, magical, wondrous, and tumultuous times of life. There is such ripe ground for exploration and discovery, yet many young people get stuck in the mud along the journey. It has been a great joy and education for me to work with teenagers and young adults in a variety of settings, and it was these experiences that set me off on my own journey into psychology. Through these experiences, I have become keenly aware of the power of HOPE for change that is present and crucial when working with young people. When coupled with deep listening, a lot of humor, and witnessing the unique person experiencing their world for the first time, the process of therapy can be a profoundly rewarding experience for both client and therapist.

    Working with parents:

    I offer support for parents who are navigating difficult terrain with their adolescents and young adults, including divorce, transition from middle school to high school, and transition from high school to college and adulthood. While these times can be very difficult for the children, who may also need therapeutic support, it is imperative that parents acknowledge their own difficulties, patterns, and feelings present in the conflict. When parents are able to work through their own issues, it provides a healthy model for their children to do the same. Parents’ ability to take care of themselves through conflicts is emphasized.

    Taking care of yourself starts when you kids are babies!

    Download Harmony’s handout on “Caring for Yourself as You Care for Your Baby”
    Disclaimer: Boulder Psychological Services is a marketing platform. All therapists listed are independent clinicians who are solely responsible for their therapeutic practices.

    Teens who struggle with Anxiety

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