Are You In Need of a Therapist for Your Teen?

boy1As you already know, teenagers can be challenging! This is true in counseling as well. That’s why at Boulder Psychological Services (BPS) we have therapists who specialize in working with teens. Too often teens engage in counseling and after much time and expense, there’s little benefit to show for it. That’s because with teens, more than any other age group, the fit between teen and therapist is critical. Even with the right expertise, if the personality style is not also a good fit as well, results may be minimal at best. Thus BOTH expertise/experience and personality style are often crucial variables for success when working with teens. To increase the likelihood of a good fit, BPS also offers an referral assessment with a BPS therapist, trained by BPS Director Dr. Jan Hittelman, as well as our free online therapist directory.

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