(23 places young adults hide drugs:  a “Where’s Waldo for clueless parents)

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Linda Cain, MSED, At Risk Alternatives, L.L.C.

Finding Options Supporting Success

1. Hidden behind things on shelves

2. Hidden in a slit cut into my mattress

3. Hidden in custom sewn pockets in my clothes

4. Hidden in dashboard of my car or tiny compartment revealing their most common secret stashes of drugs.

5. Hidden in pillow cases in my closet

6. Hidden in shoes underneath sole

7. Hidden in fridge/freezer

8. Hidden inside A/C and heating vents and drop down ceilings

9. Hidden inside an empty deodorant bottle

10. Hidden inside guitar or guitar case

11. Hidden inside handle bars of my bicycle

12. Hidden inside my bra/underwear

13. Hidden inside my makeup case

14. Hidden inside my retainer case

15. Hidden inside my VCR, or in any discarded equipment (TVʼs, PCʼs, etc.)

16. Hidden inside my wallet / purse

17. Hidden inside old snowboard boots or any seasonal equipment or clothing

18. Hidden inside pockets of clothes hanging in the back of the closet

19. Hidden inside socks and stuff in toes of shoes

20. Hidden inside stereo speakers

21. Hidden inside stuffed animals

22. Hidden inside the battery compartment of old TV remote controls

23. Hidden inside video game boxes, DVD and CD Cases


The young people in this survey were all “professionals”

in the field of drug and alcohol abuse, i.e. everyone had a

primary struggle with drug and alcohol related issues.


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