Why BPS Groups?

The idea of participating in group counseling and sharing your struggles with others can be scary.  However, group counseling can be a very powerful counseling modality.  When people learn to interact freely with other group members, they tend to recreate similar patterns of interactions that have been troublesome to them outside of the group.  Groups can provide a safe environment to shift those patterns, learn about yourself, and get support.  Often, in today’s world, people can feel isolated and alone.  Groups can provide a great sense of connection that is healing for all members.

Current Groups

The powerful therapeutic benefits of the group therapy process are well documented in research literature. It is part of the human experience that we need and benefit from social contact and support. To be able to meet with like-minded folks who share common challenges and goals can be very liberating and healing. Particularly with a well trained, trusted, licensed group leader at the helm. At Boulder Psychological Services (BPS) we have several therapists with graduate training specifically in group process. Listed below are current BPS groups offered. Feel free to contact the group leader(s) for more information.

Click on the links below to find out more about upcoming BPS group opportunities: