Why BPS Groups?

The idea of participating in group counseling and sharing your struggles with others can be scary.  However, group counseling can be a very powerful counseling modality.  When people learn to interact freely with other group members, they tend to recreate similar patterns of interactions that have been troublesome to them outside of the group.  Groups can provide a safe environment to shift those patterns, learn about yourself, and get support.  Often, in today’s world, people can feel isolated and alone.  Groups can provide a great sense of connection that is healing for all members.

Current Groups

The powerful therapeutic benefits of the group therapy process are well documented in research literature. It is part of the human experience that we need and benefit from social contact and support. To be able to meet with like-minded folks who share common challenges and goals can be very liberating and healing. Particularly with a well trained, trusted, licensed group leader at the helm. At Boulder Psychological Services (BPS) we have several therapists with graduate training specifically in group process. Listed below are current BPS groups offered. Feel free to contact the group leader(s) for more information.

Click on the links below to find out more about upcoming BPS group opportunities:

Social Anxiety Teen Therapy Group

The purpose of group therapy for social anxiety is to help teens form new relational patterns and new responses to situations that currently increase anxiety in social situations. People with social anxiety often assume the worst will happen, and they believe that others will judge, criticize, embarrass, or mock them. Instead of the worst happening, within group therapy people can identify fear in relational and social settings and speak about it with the group. Group practice can help teens interrupt social patterns of anxiety and replace them with coping strategies that help them relate and connect with others.

By practicing interactions with exposure therapy and learning ways to address fearful relational patterns, teens can overcome their anxiety and feel more confident in social situations.

Going to a group with others who experience the same social anxiety challenges helps teens realize they are not alone. This creates a supportive environment that allows people to open up and learn to become more comfortable in social situations.

Social Anxiety Teen Group with BPS Melanie Warning and Rachel Fields

Re-Creating the Team Group

A survival course for parents AND their teens

With everything we have to manage these days, it’s hard to be a parent and even harder to be a teen. It’s easy to worry about the future and difficult to connect in the present. The time to work on the family dynamics is now. Join Andre and Dan for a journey that will transform your understanding of, and relationship with your teen. In this 8-week workshop you will:

  • Understand the secrets of teen-parent communication, and lay the foundations for better communication
  • Unlock what the latest brain research means to you and your teen
  • Discover how mood and motivation are changing in the teenage brain, and the impact of interpersonal neurobiology
  • Find new ways to get back on the same team
  • Learn why rules and consequences aren’t working any more, and create a stronger parent-teen partnership
Re-Creating the Team Group from Boulder Psychological Services

Interpersonal Therapy Group

Are you interested in improving your relationships with others?

Are you interested in improving your relationships with other people?

Would you like to address feelings of social anxiety, awkwardness, loneliness and/or isolation?

Are you interested in finding out more about your impact on other people and the ways you communicate with them?

Group Therapy is an incredibly powerful way to address these questions and to develop more interpersonal skill & confidence. Groups allow us to explore patterns of relating as they emerge in the here-and-now. Since groups become a microcosm for what happens in our outside lives, they provide the opportunity to see old patterns as they emerge and to experiment in a safe space with new ways of being and communicating with others.

Interpersonal Therapy Group with Boulder Psychological Services