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How To Motivate Teenagers

by: Ryan Dawson, MA, LPC If you are like many parents, you have at times experienced difficulty motivating your teen for school, chores, family outings, following simple instructions, being nice to their siblings, doing homework, limiting screen time, etc. It's a...

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Secret Stash: Where Young Adults Hide Drugs

(23 places young adults hide drugs:  a “Where’s Waldo for clueless parents) Posted by: Linda Cain, MSED At Risk Alternatives, L.L.C. Finding Options Supporting Success 1. Hidden behind things on shelves 2. Hidden in a slit cut into my mattress 3. Hidden in custom sewn...

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Addressing Teen Sleep Issues

By Dr. Jan Hittelman Q: I've read your columns encouraging a later start time for high schoolers, as well as health reports regarding teenagers' sleep patterns. Do you think this is a serious enough concern that parents should be speaking out to BVSD about the matter?...

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