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Hot Under the Collar

8 Common Anxiety Symptoms and a Few Ways to Begin to Cool Off By Rachael Bonaiuto, LPC When you have anxiety, it’s easy to feel like others don’t understand what you’re going through. Anxiety itself can make you feel as though you’re suffering from symptoms, worries and concerns that are not only pronounced – they […]

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Counseling for Eating Disorders in Teens

Are Your Teenager’s Eating Patterns Causing You Concern? Are you concerned that your teenager may be developing an unhealthy relationship with food? Is he or she either binge eating or not eating at all? Have you noticed your teen overeating or skipping meals, gaining or losing weight or taking exercise to an unhealthy level? Does […]

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Eating Disorders Counseling for Adults

Is Food Running Your Life? Do you hate what you see in the mirror? Are you binge eating and feeling shameful, guilty or anxious about it? Have you struggled with anorexia or bulimia? Are you excessively concerned with how parts of your body look? Does it seem like you’ve tried every new diet or exercise […]

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