Jan Hittelman, PhD

Credential: Licensed Psychologist

Educational Background: Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical and School Psychology, Hofstra University, 1985. Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Sociology, CU Boulder, 1979.

Dr. Jan Hittelman, is a licensed psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience working with adults, children, adolescents, and families in a variety of settings. In addition to clinical practices in California, Colorado, and New York, he has specialized in program development in partnership with school systems, psychiatric hospitals, correctional facilities and the courts, outpatient settings, residential treatment facilities, and private non-profit organizations. He founded Compass House, a non-profit counseling collaborative for teens and their families. Dr. Hittelman has also authored monthly newspaper columns in the Boulder Daily Camera, writes monthly columns for the Boulder Valley School District and also publishes an online monthly question and answer column for teens for the Rosen Publishing Group in New York. He launched Boulder Psychological Services in 2007.

Community Presentations Offered:

Click on the topics above to view the handout. Please contact Dr. Hittelman if you are interested in having him present to your school or organization.

Psychological Assesment and Psychological Testing:

With new clients, Dr. Hittelman completes an initial assessment to detrmine what the specific treatment issues are and to ensure a good match between client and therapist in terms of personality, style, and expertise. In addition, Dr. Hittelman is trained to do psychological testing to further assess intelligence, achievement, learning disabilities, attentional impairments, emotional and personality issues. The specific tests in the battery are determined by the referral issues. To learn more about the type of tests used and related costs, click HERE.

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